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  • Zencargo announces online event to address the new world of peak rates

    As freight rates from Asia to Europe pass the $20,000 per 40ft mark, Zencargo, the digital freight forwarder has announced a new online forum to discuss what shippers can do to manage disruption in their supply chains. 

    Scheduled for 14:00 on the 8th July, Surviving Peak Freight is being delivered in collaboration with Lars Jensen, global shipping advisor and CEO of Vespucci Maritime, an ocean freight consultancy.

    The online event comes in response to the unprecedented disruption currently shaking ocean freight, where rates are at an all time high, while reliability is at an all time low. Experts now warn that conditions will be disrupted to some extent until H2 2022. In this scenario, the question is no longer ‘When will things get back to normal?’ but ‘What can I do to survive right now?’.

    While options for shippers are limited, there are opportunities to manage disruption by planning ahead, collaborating with suppliers and being strategic in modal prioritisation according to shipment value and urgency. This event will explore these strategies, as well as shining a light on what shippers can expect through the rest of the year and into 2022, including: 

    • What we can learn from the current ‘perfect storm’ of rates
    • How to plan for costs in a volatile market
    • Scenario planning for different lengths of disruption
    • Strategies to manage spend at scale

    To read more about the webinar and to register, click here and save your place.


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