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    In a world where sustainability has become a staple concern, consumers are looking to businesses to lower their carbon emissions. As 23% of total greenhouse gas emissions are a result of transportation, starting with your supply chain is the perfect opportunity to become more sustainable. But in a complex market, how can you lower carbon emissions and how can you monitor your success?

    Enhancing your supply chain data capabilities can give you a holistic view of your carbon footprint and provide you with the data you need to make improvements.

    Carbon data can benefit carbon reduction strategies

    Continuous tracking of data can help you to establish a baseline of your carbon output, making it easier to identify causes of higher emissions. This also helps you to understand where you are and identify how to get to your sustainability goal. With carbon data, you can define strategies for reducing emissions without compromising the performance of your supply chain. Some strategies could include:

    • Consolidation of shipments
    • Optimisation of low-carbon routes
    • Reduction of dwell time

    Extracting quality data helps you to action strategies

    A platform that aligns with globally-recognised methodologies such as GLEC framework and ICAO, provides you with accurate and reliable carbon emissions measurements. When you can trust the data, you can confidently make informed decisions to maintain supply chain success while working towards sustainability goals. You can also ensure that you are in accordance with established standards such as GHG Protocol and ISO 14000.

    CO2 measurement allows you to make smarter decisions

    By aggregating emissions data to provide CO2 measurements across every trade lane, supplier and product, you have full visibility over carbon emissions per shipment. This allows you to:

    • Reduce carbon emissions
    • Monitor sustainability goals
    • Make data-driven decisions.

    Advanced platforms, such as Zencargo’s, provide you with these data capabilities to make better, more sustainable choices.

    To find out more about how you can use data to lower carbon emissions and meet your sustainability goals, join Zencargo experts and leading supply chain professionals at Navigate Smarter on Thursday 28th April 2-5pm BST.


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