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  • Data-driven supply chains are for everyone

    We believe data-driven supply chains benefit everyone.

    Supply chains have a crucial role to play in building the future. From addressing business and customer needs to their impact on the planet. And, at 7bridges, we know that data is pivotal to that. Logistics and supply chains need to become sustainable, resilient and autonomous by optimising their use of data.

    Future supply chains will become a strategic strength through technology like AI, machine learning and automation. Autonomous, data-led supply chains will learn by themselves and adapt. This creates unique opportunities to address consumer and business needs, such as:

    Empowering consumers to choose greener logistics

    Our research has shown that high-spending consumers are excited by and interested in green supply chains and transport. Over half of respondents said they look for green delivery as a key differentiator. As climate events increasingly reach the news, it’s reasonable to expect that trend to continue.

    Businesses that want to act on this trend need to start by creating a baseline for their current carbon output to make greener decisions. Most companies can make significant headway toward decarbonising their supply chain with immediate actions and data-driven optimisation.

    Enhancing customer experience

    More than ever, consumers expect high levels of customer service every time they order. However, the ongoing disruptions from the pandemic, climate, conflict and more have made achieving those levels difficult. By using data and AI to make decisions about your logistics, you can identify opportunities for improvement.

    For instance, areas that 7bridges can help with and which impact customer experience include:

    • Streamlining shipments for cost saving
    • Improving delivery routes
    • Managing multiple providers
    • Improving supply and demand planning
    • Scenario planning for disruption with digital twins
    • Offering affordable and timely delivery

    Optimising invoice management

    Managing invoices is one of the more complicated and less engaging parts of managing a supply chain. The sheer volume of invoices often becomes so overwhelming that your existing processes and tools can’t keep up. This means important things like possible savings (or problems) end up getting missed.

    Using invoice auditing from 7bridges, however, you can take one of the most frustrating parts of managing your supply chain and turn it into a streamlined asset. With this AI-based capability, we help supply chains:

    • Implement in weeks, not months
    • Easily dispute incorrect or excess fees
    • Avoid overloading their own IT resources
    • See rapid return on investment
    • Prepare their supply chain data for future transformation

    For example, Philipp Plein, one of Europe’s most cutting-edge luxury fashion brands, uses 7bridges to save 3-5% through improved invoice auditing, increasing the volume of customers serviced by the brand and implementing automated export declarations functionality for high-value goods.

    Successful supply chains focus on more than just getting things from A to B; they strive to be agile, smart and responsive.

    Organisations need to integrate sustainable, scalable supply chain management seamlessly. And through that, deliver a powerful competitive edge. Businesses that can provide smooth and capable transport are already seeing great success.

    The world relies on supply chains that can adapt quickly. And that’s where data-driven solutions like 7bridges come in. We don’t just offer visibility over supply chains, but the ability to understand the impact of every decision made. Bringing clarity to supply chains and their impact on the world.


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