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  • WEBINAR: Managing cost volatility with forecasting – a practical roadmap with SLG Brands

    By Zencargo

    With global shipping costs inflated to unprecedented highs, getting a total view of the costs of your supply chain has never been more important for a business.

    In fact, in a recent roundtable of 25 supply chain leaders[1], 56% said that ‘improving overall data quality for more informed decisions’ was the one approach that would make the most impact on their business.

    But building out a forecasting process that delivers results takes time – not to mention the PO management foundations you need to lay before you even start to implement forecasting. To make implementation as smooth as possible, you need a roadmap.

    Over the last six months, SLG Brands, the company behind some of the high street’s most fashionable beauty brands,has undertaken extensive work around PO management, as well as forecasting freight spend and container usage – all of which has helped to manage a lot of risk and uncertainty. 

    In this upcoming webinar, Devinder Chana, SLG’s Director of Supply Chain, explains to Zencargo’s Scott Irvine exactly how they are tackling their forecasting project: from planning the project to focusing on data health.

    In the webinar, Scott and Devinder will cover:

    • Why SLG wanted to implement better PO management and cost forecasting
    • What you need to get started on your path to better cost visibility
    • The main stages in your forecasting roadmap
    • The advice Devinder would give to other businesses that are expanding their forecasting ability

    If you’re looking to cut the risk of cost volatility, make sure you book your place now.


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