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  • Road haulage capacity ample, prices on the rise

    The Davies Turner Group has asserted that available road haulage capacity in Europe is at its highest level in a decade.

    The company’s own experience is in line with recent survey results that the strong growth in European freight volumes in recent years is showing signs of slowing down in 2019.

    “One year ago European haulage capacity was very tight, especially in Germany, while now there is currently the capacity to handle demand, despite the well publicised driver shortages,” said Philip Stephenson, chairman of the Davies Turner Group.

    “We have also noted that haulage prices in the first quarter of 2019 were higher than in the first quarter of 2018. That is not surprising, despite the situation regarding supply and demand, as we are seeing a much-needed catch up in pricing, as underlying operational costs continue to increase strongly due to driver shortages pushing up employment costs. Road tolls and fuel prices are increasing.

    “Past experience does tell us that for seasonal reasons, the available overland transport capacity usually is greater in the first months of a year. 

    “Many of the shippers that rely on our daily European trailer services are moving their goods on a contract basis, and value the guaranteed services that we offer.  As a result our own freight volumes and market share show continued healthy growth.” 

    Davies Turner’s portfolio of European overland trailer services utilises a pan-European network of partners through its membership of System Alliance Europe – which delivers standardised EDI links and shipment tracking. 


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