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  • Quadient system aims to speed up e-commerce packing

    Packaging by Quadient – formerly Neopost – the automated packaging and postal solutions specialist, has launched the CVP Everest, a high velocity fit-to-size ‘auto-boxing’ system capable of tailor-making over 1,100 ecommerce packages per hour. 

    Designed to help large ecommerce businesses hit peak volumes, the new super-fast machine has the potential to replace on average up to 20 packing desks, giving it a rapid ROI and making it a highly attractive solution for busy e-tailers constrained by labour resource issues. 

    A key advantage of the CVP Everest is that it uses a glue-gun system to affix an individually sized lid to each tailor-made package. This allows much faster speeds for high-volume operations and far smaller package sizes than is possible with tape-sealed systems – all of which enables the new machine to cater for a far broader order profile at much higher speeds.

    With a capacity to tailor-make 1,100 packages per hour for multiple or single order items, Packaging by Quadient fit-to-size automated solution is ideal for e-commerce operations faced with increasing order volumes and labour shortages. The CVP Everest effortlessly measures, constructs, seals, weighs and labels each parcel in a seamless process – reducing package volumes by up to 50%, cutting cardboard usage by 20% and eliminating the need for void fill. And, as no tape is used cardboard can be more easily recycled.

    Jo Bradley, Business Development Manager for Packaging by Quadient, says: “With rates in excess of 1,100 packages per hour, the CVP Everest is a highly attractive proposition for ecommerce businesses challenged by poor labour availability, rising costs and escalating volumes of orders involving single or multiple items. This is a solution to the fulfilment nightmares of the ‘Mega Peak’ season.”

    The CVP Everest has sound environmental credentials with its economical use of recyclable cardboard, minimal requirement for material through custom sizing, snug-fit around an item with no need for void-fill, cost savings through reduced volumetrics and its ability to maximise the cube of a trailer, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

    The new high performance CVP Everest is currently in operation within one of France’s largest ecommerce businesses, with an excellent performance during the past peak season.

    More information on Packaging by Neopost’s super-fast CVP Everest can be found at https://packagingbyneopost.com/cvp-everest-automated-packaging-solution/


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