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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: High-speed automated packaging by Sparck Technologies

    Say goodbye to labour intensive, time-consuming, excess packaging. Boost your fulfilment with fit-to-size fully automated packaging power.

    Savvy shippers know their parcel packaging processes are complex and unique, and for that, you need the only company with unmatched support and service when it comes to automated packaging. Sparck Technologies has over a decade of experience in fully automated packaging systems, and we are truly the front runners in innovation since 1924.

    Sparck is the global leader in the design and fabrication of advanced, fit-to-size automated packaging systems for high-volume eCommerce applications, and aims to make every parcel clients send out a brand ambassador.

    Our client’s success stories support the foundation of what sets Sparck apart – consistent and unwavering dedication to lowering labour, shipping and material costs with smart, sustainable packaging.

    CVP Everest

    An order packed every 3 seconds! Step it up with revolutionary high-speed fit-to-size packaging technology.

    The CVP Everest measures, constructs, glues, weighs and labels each order at full speed. By creating the smallest box necessary, you will improve your customer’s experience with sustainable packaging. This supercharged solution will keep up with your high volume fulfilment needs while supporting those ever-changing peaks.

    Increasing throughput and scaling growth by packing up to 1,100 orders per hour, while saving up to 50 percent of the transport volume and up to 30 percent of corrugated board consumption.

    Learn how the CVP Everest will save you both time and money.


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