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  • Plotting a path out of disruption that leaves businesses stronger

    Constant phone calls and emails looking for space. Trying, or failing, to secure rates that preserve a level of margin. Last minute changes and blanked sailings. These were the daily challenges facing supply chain professionals shared at a forum hosted by Zencargo and B2G Consulting in July.

    In response, the two organisations have produced a new roadmap for supply chain transformation Beyond Firefighting: How to start the journey out of supply chain chaos.

    This new guide gives supply chain teams the questions, structures and techniques they need to to make a case for fundamental supply chain change within their organisations. And the need for change could not be more urgent.

    With current volatility set to last until at least after Chinese New Year in 2022, it’s essential to think of a new way of working. However, leadership at some businesses still seem unwilling to make improving their supply chain a priority.

    Moving past the way things are right now requires a whole-business approach, from sales prioritisation to financial planning. For companies that hadn’t already embarked on a supply chain transformation, this is the ideal moment to start making the supply chain more efficient, more resilient, and more fit for purpose. And for those who had already started, it’s time to redouble those efforts, rather than putting them to one side in order to tackle daily fires. 

    Bringing about organisational change has to start with, and be led by, supply chain teams. As the experts within the business, it’s down to logistics and commercial professionals to build a case for change and lead the business forward. 

    This guide walks you through:

    • Finding a ‘burning issue’ to engage senior management
    • Building a data-led case for change 
    • Packing your arguments to take root internally and drive change 

    To find out more about the guide and to start making a difference, click here to download the roadmap.


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