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  • PALLITE adds SLOTS to PIX range

    PALLITE®, designer and manufacturer of the popular PIX® range of flexible warehouse storage solutions, is expanding the brand range to include PIX® SLOTS, to meet the demands of businesses storing small and lightweight products, such as the fashion and beauty industry.

    PALLITE® launched its PIX® range over two years ago and has since taken the warehouse industry by storm. An alternative to correx and corrugate pick bins, as well as metal racking, PALLITE® PIX® is designed to consolidate pick-faces to create more space in a warehouse, ultimately giving operators a higher yield of SKU density per m2. The difference with PIX® is that it overcomes the grievances you face when choosing any of the other solutions in the market and offers a flexible, quick-build, and easy to bespoke solution.  What’s more, PIX® and PIX® SLOTS is made from over 85% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

    PIX® is quick and easy to build without the need for any tools. A customer recently proved just how quick and easy PIX® is to construct without the need for any tools when they had a team of two people build over 9,000 pick-faces in just five hours. It was easy and cost-effective for them to specify bespoke units and benefit from the short lead times offered by PALLITE.


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