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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: QAD DynaSys Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

    Today, manufacturing companies operate in a new world; constant changes in geopolitics, the exponential speed of innovation and the digitization of everything. Customers are more demanding and less committed. Supply chains are no longer chains but a network of opportunistic demand, supply, and capacity entities. 

    This has led to many companies struggling with a clear view of the business. In these times of change, we make decisions relying on a “gut-feeling” devoid of fact based analysis; assumptions are made without objective measurement and operational plans become disconnected from corporate objectives. 

    It is within times of flux that Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) becomes more vital than ever. S&OP provides a unique capability to reconcile cross-functional plans, problems, risks, and objectives in a way that provides visibility, stability and alignment with corporate goals.

    Visibility and Analytics. QAD DynaSys Demand & Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) offer a best of breed solution designed from the ground up to cohabitate with many systems of-record. It is uniquely engineered to bring together data from disparate transactions systems as well as IoT. DSCP solution embeds best of breed business analytics capabilities providing complete visibility across the supply chain in a decision supporting and intuitive manner. 

    Business Simulation. Having potential future insights is only of value if one can quickly measure the impact of the business and its alignment with corporate objectives. DSCP supports the rapid execution of multiple what-if business scenarios; each scenario must be comparable side-by-side with key KPIs, risks and opportunities for presentation to a Pre-S&OP forum. 

    Collaboration. Modern day supply chain plans require much more than just how much to make, sell, move and buy. There are volumes of real-time intelligence in the minds of S&OP stakeholders that can add business value. There are opportunities to be exploited, risks and assumptions to be measured, and new initiatives to be implemented. 

    Operational Reconciliation. A key benefit of DSCP is the use of a single data model. This provides a tight synchronisation of S&OP planning decisions and the corresponding impact on operational plans.

    S&OP could be considered as a control tower which is essential for guiding companies towards excellence and becoming an effective enterprise.


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