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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: QAD DynaSys – Let’s build the future of your supply chain

    In 1985, QAD DynaSys was founded in an old bakery by a former planner who saw a need for addressing the planning issues manufacturing companies were facing, thus, developing and launching one of the first computer-based supply chain planning software.  

    QAD DynaSys began by supporting a few large food and beverage customers from their headquarters in Strasbourg, France. But as their customers went international, QAD DynaSys had to adapt quickly to keep up. Today, QAD DynaSys supports customers all over the world. 

    Our passion is innovation. For three decades, QAD DynaSys has proved its experience and unique know-how in the areas of forecasting, planning and supply chain optimization.

    You’ll often hear us say that at the heart of QAD DynaSys is a strong and loyal customer community. We really believe that to create the best full-featured demand & supply chain planning solution for our customers, we need to work together. We pride ourselves on our customer engagement and our commitment to continually evolving as our customer’s supply chains do; we have spent years innovating and growing our offerings to match our customer’s needs.

    QAD DynaSys is a leading provider of integrated and collaborative cloud based end-to-end demand & supply chain planning (DSCP) solutions that enable businesses to optimize, analyze, simulate, understand and efficiently plan supply chain activities. Our software can cover all supply chain needs: 

    • Demand Planning
    • Inventory Optimization
    • Supply Planning
    • Manufacturing Planning
    • Financial Planning
    • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
    • Integrated Business Planning (IBP)
    • DDMRP

    Our mission is to empower global companies to realize supply chain excellence and agility through innovative technology and best-practice expertise whilst respecting our core values of trust and integrity.

    Together, let’s build the future of your supply chain!


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