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  • BIFA offers guidance for business life after lockdown

    The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has published a guidance blueprint on the steps businesses should be taking in order to facilitate a return to work once the current lockdown restrictions are eased by the Government.

    BIFA says that whilst it was difficult to provide precise answers to the many questions it has received from members because there are numerous variables to consider, it has outlined a series of measures companies should consider.

    It says that the safe return of all staff to work must be the primary concern of all employers, but also acknowledges that there may be some preliminary concerns.

    The guidance blueprint outlines what should be reviewed, such as cargo handling procedures, the provision of PPE, and a ‘staggered’ start-up of business depending on how premises can function under social distancing and office layouts.

    Robert Keen, Director General at BIFA, said: “It is likely that the post-lockdown situation will be an evolving picture and it is important that companies monitor staff feedback and ongoing government advice/regulation to adjust their initial policies and procedures as applicable. Any procedural changes will have to be promptly advised to staff and implementation monitored.

    “We obviously wish all our members a successful return to work and will assist wherever we can. Salutary lessons can be learned from recent experiences, and all seem to agree that greater resilience and flexibility will have to be built into business processes, and there will have to be new realities about areas such as credit control procedures and the level of cash reserves held by businesses.”

    Click here to read advisory document in full.


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