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  • How health and safety is raising standards in supply chains 

    Every year, more than 2 million workers die from work-related accidents, and more than 300 million are victims of non-fatal accidents. These are a result of unsafe and unhealthy working conditions. Although Occupational Safety and Health hazards are inherent to all workplaces, supply chains offer opportunities to promote good health and safety practices, particularly in countries with inadequate national Occupational Safety and Health systems. 

    Here’s how health and safety are raising standards in supply chains.

    • Creating a More Proactive Workforce 

    A safe and healthy supply chain means companies treat employees with dignity and respect. It also means that there’s a lower chance of accidents occurring since everyone is aware of their responsibilities, including how to address safety issues. As a result, there will be less downtime since sick days will lessen, improving productivity levels while boosting employee morale. In addition, an unsafe workplace means employees will not be satisfied and motivated to go to work, which can also affect productivity.

    • Provides a Safe Environment 

    Health and Safety in Supply Chain Management foster a safe and healthy working environment and protect workers from all forms of risk. Occupational Safety and Health deals with all aspects of health and safety in the workplace with a strong focus on hazard and accident prevention. The main goal is to keep people protected from accidents and injuries due to work-related activities.

    Research shows that a safe working environment equals good profitability. Furthermore, employers are mainly responsible for ensuring the health and safety of workers in the workplace. It’s also vital to improving business reputation, particularly in supply chains that depend on relationships with global consumers.

    • Creates a Better Workplace Culture 

    Health and Safety training is essential in the supply chain for various reasons. One of these is to create a better workplace culture. An unsafe work environment can lead to disruption to the entire operation. Workplace accidents will not only injure your employees, but they can also harm your reputation. 

    A good workplace culture helps build confidence amongst employees, motivating them to give their best at work. By providing health and safety training, your employees will clearly understand how to handle essential activities, such as reporting an incident and responding to work issues. This boost of confidence will lower employee absences and turnover rates.

    • Increases the Product Standards 

    Another benefit of Health and Safety in supply chain management is quality assurance. If you have effective Health and Safety Management in place, your clients will be more confident in doing business with you. That’s because they know that your products and services are safe, of good quality, and conform to internationally recognised standards.

    • Reduces Costs 

    While you may be spending money on health and safety, this comes with a return on investment. Remember that if you ignore health and safety, it can lead to a massive financial burden. Just think about the court cases, sickness pay, accident investigations, and more. All these can cost you tons of money, not to mention time and effort. Most of all, this can damage your company’s reputation and affect your profit.


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