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  • What does good subscription box fulfilment look like?

    By Prolog Fulfilment

    Back in 2017 the Royal Mail report on subscription boxes predicted a rapid growth in demand over the next 4 years. Now, post pandemic, the latest report sees the value of the UK market having more than doubled in that period:

    • The subscription box market has grown by 135% since 2017.
    • Shoppers spent £1.4 billion on subscription boxes in 2020.
    • In 2020 deliveries of subscription boxes in the UK were just shy of 88 million.
    • The UK market is forecast to grow to £1.8 billion by 2025.

    Subscription Boxes – A Trend for Our Time

    Subscription boxes tap into the psyche of the ecommerce shopper. They’re the perfect antidote for consumers who are tired of endless choice and are looking for personalised packages offering a dopamine-fuelled rush of excitement each time a new box arrives.

    Add into the mix two lengthy UK lockdowns during which ecommerce sales rose by around 80% and the rise of the subscription boxes begins to look inevitable. The most popular subscription box items are currently: male grooming, beauty products, fashions, niche food and drink products such as craft beers, gins and snacks.

    Retail and Fulfilment Partnerships Make Subscription Box Success

    Most subscription boxes start out simple, then become more complicated as customisation develops. Providing repeat items each month is simple. Additional customer approval and choice is manageable. Once they require individually customised bundles of items, though, it’s time to find a fulfilment partner.

    What is Subscription Box Fulfilment?

    Customised subscription box fulfilment is a complex task, requiring the development of failsafe processes on the part of logistics partners:

    • Inventory Management and Stock Control. Subscription boxes succeed or fail on their ability to adapt to individual consumer demand, fast.
    • Picking, Packing and Kitting. Well-trained warehouse staff assemble the boxes. Additional services are offered such as branding, gift notes and personalised extras.
    • The subscription box is shipped efficiently by trusted carriers. Any returns are dealt with promptly and efficiently by your fulfilment partner.

    What Does Good Subscription Box Fulfilment Look Like?

    Now is a great time for ecommerce retailers to dip their toe in the sector. Success depends on picking the right product and choosing a fulfilment partner you can trust.

    Not sure how to assess the range of 3PLs on offer? Contact Prolog Fulfilment for expert guidance and support. We provide kitting, subscription box fulfilment, print & mailing solutions and prompt returns processing. Our goal is always to exceed your customers’ expectations and provide end-to-end visibility.

    1. Warehouse Management System. Comprehensive systems management for warehousing, ensuring seamless order fulfilment, and a prompt and faultless service for customers.
    2. E-Fulfilment Solutions. Fully integrated software and ecommerce fulfilment means that you can deliver personalised subscription services to customers, confident that complex orders are handled efficiently.
    3. Dedicated Customer Support Team. Prolog’s dedicated support team is on hand should you need us. You also have access to your account portal to review orders.
    4. Continuous Improvement. We make cost savings for customers through innovation. The additional value is an enhanced customer experience.

    We’re excited by the potential of the subscription box market here at Prolog Fulfilment and we look forward to working with new retail partners throughout 2022.


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