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  • sofco Supply Planning – Integrated Supply Chain Planning platform to maximise the returns from Assets & Investments

    Nowadays supply chain networks are becoming ever more complex with many organisations turning to outsourcing and delocalisation and with increased distances between production and consumer locations.  It is vital to have the best level of alignment both horizontally and vertically to ensure the planning decisions made offer the very best solutions for the business and their customers.

    sofco Supply Planning is a complete planning platform, aimed at offering a response to companies that need an integrated planning of production, procurement, distribution, replenishment and stock management, by synchronising flows at each node of the value chain, even in complex and distributed environments.

    In this context, sofco Supply Planning helps to optimise business processes, enhancing visibility throughout the entire Supply Chain, which therefore becomes more agile, more efficient and demand-driven.  All of which is focused on achieving a better customer service level and on reducing overall operating costs for the company.

    • Improved customer service level
    • Reduced stocks of finished products, components and raw materials throughout the Supply Chain
    • Lower production, procurement and distribution costs
    • Levelled load peaks and maximised productivity by taking into account internal and external alternatives
    • Improved use of distribution resources
    • Shorter re-planning times and, therefore, planning-related costs
    • Exploit knowledge of limitations due to constraints
    • Greater efficiency in investment allocation

    The feature list is extensive and includes Multi-Dimensional Data Modelling, Available to Promise (ATP), Capable to Promise (CTP), Work in Progress Management (WIP), Pegging Links, Simulation Capacity, Warnings, Configurable Alarms and Dashboards, Data Access via the web and Web services, Time Modelling, a range of sophisticated Algorithms, integration with Microsoft Office suite, VBA language integration, multi user/multi Language …. to name a few.

    “We pride ourselves at sofco on having a robust, well established product, installed in many of the leading brand companies in Europe, that is functionally rich whilst having a great user interface”, explains CEO Keith Noble.  “We strive to provide great software and industry expertise at  affordable costs for our customers and sofco Supply Planning is a great example of fitting a product well to the needs of the market and providing solutions to the problems they face in their Supply Chain management.  Combining this with sofco Scheduling and sofco Demand Planning creates an integrated Sales & Operations Planning system. And most importantly, our Business Consultants have all been ‘at the coal face’ and provide a wealth of knowledge and understanding to our customers.”


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