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  • Reply’s low-cost “Scan & Despatch” software improves inbound supplier despatch accuracy

    By Logistics Reply

    Reply’s “Scan & Despatch” Supplier Portal is a low-cost, easy-to-adopt Cloud-based solution that quickly enables both Companies and Suppliers to accurately track Packing & Shipping activities from Supplier Despatch Locations.

    The award-winning software already operates successfully for M&SOcado and Waitrose – by offering Retailers / 3PLs / Manufacturers instant Real-Time Visibility of Inbound Stock In-Transit, whilst providing the Supplier with Guaranteed EDI Messaging and Load Presentation Compliance.

    Reply’s software quickly brings Suppliers and their Customers closer together and quickly improves their business relationship:

    • Retailers / 3PLs / Manufacturers receive an accurate report from the Supplier of all goods arriving at their Warehouse/DC (via electronic Advance Shipment Notices, SSCC-labelled Dollies/Pallets, and Printed Vehicle Manifests) – facilitating all Inbound Activities, Visibility, Productivity and Planning.
    • Suppliers speed up/improve tracking of their Outbound Despatch process, frequently receive Better Payment Terms for Higher Compliance Scores on EDI Messaging / Load Presentation Standards – and the highly-accurate data provided by the Scanning Process also minimises Product Supply Disputes.

    Suppliers receive electronic Purchase Orders via EDI, use Handheld Scanners to scan their Product Data against POs and instantly create ASNs, SSCC Labels and Transport Manifests in guaranteed Retailer-, 3PL- or Manufacturer-compliant formats.

    Extra Value-Add Functions such as Best-Before Date Check and Units Per Tray Check have already been added – and similar compliance-check features can quickly be created to match any Inbound Requirements of the Retailer / 3PL / Manufacturer.  

    Quick Setup, Ease-Of-Use, and Minimal Training make it easy for Suppliers to achieve Low-Cost Agile Supply via Temporary / Pop-Up Despatch Locations – ideal for Seasonal Peaks and Temporary Oversupply Periods.

    To know more, Logistics Reply’s website is – or for further information please contact Pat Barlow on or 020 7730 6000.


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    • “Scan & Despatch” [ASN / SSCC / Vehicle Manifest]

    • Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility 

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