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  • Packaging by Quadient – intelligent auto-packing systems for high-performance e-commerce

    Packaging by Quadient – formerly Neopost – provides innovative automated packaging solutions that intelligently pack ecommerce orders into smart, fit-to-size cardboard packages – optimising at speed all steps of the package sizing, formation, sealing and labelling process. 

    With over a decade of experience in the automated packaging industry, Packaging by Quadient is dedicated to eliminating excessive packaging and increasing operational efficiency in the fulfilment process. The business is active in helping companies rethink and streamline their parcel packaging processes, enabling ecommerce businesses to grow, increase productivity and achieve environmental goals.

    Quadient’s involvement in automated packaging began over ten years ago in Drachten, the Netherlands, and here teams of specialists continue to work on creating revolutionary designs for intelligent, fast, flexible and reliable, fit-to-size packaging systems.  Following on the success of the CVP Impack, an auto-boxing system designed for mid-market volumes up to 500 packages per hour, Packaging by Quadient has recently introduced the CVP Everest. The CVP Everest is a high velocity fit-to-size auto-boxing system capable of tailor-making over 1,100 ecommerce packages per hour.

    The system scans and measures the item, or group of items, to be packed and calculates the ‘best fit’ box shape and size. Material for the box and lid is cut and creased to size, erected around the item(s) and the lid glue-sealed – which is faster and more recyclable than using tape. Parcels are weighed, labelled and away.

    Quadient’s innovative approach addresses problems of waste commonly associated with ecommerce packaging – cardboard usage is typically cut by 20%, and a tight fit eliminates the need for void fill. Total package volumes can be reduced by 50%, maximising the use of the truck or trailer cube and reducing shipping costs and environmental impacts

    Packaging by Quadient’s solutions optimise all steps of the package creation and labelling process – reducing reliance on labour, saving on shipping and material costs, strengthening green initiatives and enhancing the customer experience.

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