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  • Planning a Nordic Market entry or already have established Nordic e-commerce customers?

    Buying products online is a long-established habit of most of the population in the Nordic countries. All of them, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway were out early when it came to building an internet infrastructure, also in thinly populated areas.

    So, Nordic consumers have been relatively mature in their behavior when it comes to e-commerce for quite some time. Though the development has been amazing here in the last few years too. If we look at the proportion of residents in the Nordic countries who shopped online once a quarter in year 2015, it was 23 percent. In 2022, the proportion who shopped online three times a month was 25 percent.

    Let Direct Link help you with your e-commerce deliveries!

    As part of PostNord, the largest provider of logistics solutions and geographical coverage in the Nordic countries, Direct Link are specialists in customer specific delivery solutions and the distribution of e-commerce goods to anywhere in the world. Operating internationally since 1986, they know the people, the systems, and the ways between. Their delivery solutions for the Nordic countries are best in class with 100% coverage of the market. No one beats them on their home turf.

    Direct Link have the services you need for your e-commerce deliveries!

    Two of the most preferred services for e-commerce deliveries to the Nordics are MyPack and Merchandise Mail Plus:


    Direct Link delivers your parcels up to 2 kg directly to the customers mailbox. Easy for you and convenient for your customer. With MyPack Home you can send items up to 35 kg with flexible and consumer-friendly delivery to the recipient´s doorstep. This is a straightforward, door-to-door delivery option for e-commerce companies wanting to reach consumers in the Nordics. For those who prefer to pick up their shipment at a service point, MyPack Collect is available for parcels up to 20 kg.

    Merchandise Mail Plus

    Your item is conveniently delivered in the recipients’ mailbox. Items too large for the mailbox are notified for pick up at a local service point. With the fully tracked service option you get even more features. You have full end-to-end tracking and, if required, delivery confirmation.

    Contact Direct Link to see how they can help you with your e-commerce deliveries and fulfilment!


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