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  • Is staff scheduling causing you stress? New report offers invaluable employee insights and retention tips

    An insightful new report from workforce management solution Quinyx is shining a spotlight on the experiences of employees within the UK shipping industry, and offering invaluable advice for employers hoping to boost staff retention in 2022.

    The report, part of Quinyx’s State of the Deskless Workforce global study of 11,000 workers, highlights shipping and distribution employees’ opinions of their jobs – and their bosses.

    Exploring changing work patterns and management behaviours, the report contains key insights and advice for company leaders as the industry continues to face considerable pressures.

    For example, Quinyx data reveals that UK shipping workers are less likely to say they feel valued at work than employees in other countries that also have prolific shipping industries. The report also looks at the priorities of employees – e.g. flexibility versus higher pay – and examines issues of understaffing.

    Full of useful tips and advice on employee engagement and staff scheduling, with details of how managers can implement scheduling processes to make day-to-day operations run more smoothly, Quinyx’s report is available to download for free here.

    Toma Pagojute, Chief HR Officer, Quinyx, says: “With the shipping industry continuing to face uncertainty following COVID-19 and Brexit, looking after loyal staff has never been more important. Unfortunately, current worker shortages present further challenges. Employers run the risk of overworking existing team members while trying to keep their businesses afloat, hence it’s vital that managers make looking after their workforce a top priority in 2022.

    “Prioritising staff could mean anything from improving employee engagement, to implementing processes and tools to make scheduling more effective. Great staff are the most valuable asset of any business, and companies that put their employees at the forefront are the ones most likely to succeed this year.”


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