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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: TIMOCOM – Smart Logistics System

    Find available vehicle capacity, available warehousing space and manage your logistics – via the Smart Logistics System.

    TIMOCOM is the provider of the first pan-European Smart Logistics System (SLS). The SLS supports more than 127,000 TIMOCOM users with smart, safe and simple applications which help reach their logistics goals and offer the opportunity to expand their market shares.

    The SLS integrates all services providing thus efficient logistics in the supply chain. Up to 750,000 national and international vehicle and freight offers published daily makes the freight exchange a vital part of the system. It is possible to publish available freight and loads on the spot market quickly and in addition, it is also possible to manage long-term transport orders.

    A warehousing exchange with over 30,000 warehousing and logistics spaces from 44 Pan-European countries is also a part of the system.

    Furthermore, SLS unites more than 230 telematics systems and enables real-time tracking of road goods transport.

    Via the SLS TIMOCOM users have access to a logistics network of more than 40,000 verified companies throughout Europe. This makes it easy to find a suitable business partner within just a few clicks.

    TIMOCOM was founded in 1997 in Germany and grew as a “freight exchange”. Today TIMOCOM offers multiple, innovative applications. Because security is one of TIMOCOM’s the highest priorities, access verification, personalised access, encrypted data transfers and German data protection regulations are standard conditions in the system.

    More than 490 employees from 34 countries are a part of TIMOCOM’s internationality and speak the languages of the customers. The company headquarter is situated in Germany with representative offices in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

    The access to the digital world of logistics is simple, safe and affordable with TIMOCOM. Also, your own logistics software can be easily connected to the system via a standard interface.

    Get to know the Smart Logistics System with a non-binding trial period of up to

    4 weeks – free of charge! – Tel. +49 211 88 26 22 00


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