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  • Don’t let supply chain worries burn you out – The Total Supply Chain Summit seminars are here to help!

    This month, you can benefit from a unique two-day event, that allows you to compare and benchmark a range of potential products and services that can support your end-to-end supply chain, logistics, warehouse and distribution needs.

    We’ll provide you with your own “corporate speed-dating” itinerary of 1-2-1 meetings based on mutual selections that run alongside unique seminar sessions, including;

    “Engaging for Net Zero – Tips for Activating your Supply Chain”

    This presentation will cover the global science and policy pathways for achieving net-zero as well as strategic interventions and social tips for engaging supply chains on the net-zero journey

    • Net-zero as a global target, a brief overview of the science and the Paris Agreement
    • Examples of leadership practices in corporate net zero strategies
    • Engagement tips for activating your supply chain
    • Practical tools and resources for pledging net zero and setting out a net zero strategy
    • What happens if we fail to meet this target
    • Collective crowdsourcing of supply chain engagement and support solutions

    Presented by: Kaya Axelsson, Net Zero Policy Engagement Fellow at University of Oxford

    “Doing More With Less”

    What factors makes automation successful in modern intralogistics and automated warehousing?

    • Industry trends and challenges
    • How to automate successfully
    • Example Solutions

    Presented by: Jon Brewin, Business Development Manager at AutoStore System Ltd

    “Advanced Planning – Driving real business benefits”

    Moving from a manual planning solution to an advanced planning solution provides both tangible and intangible benefits in terms of WIP and Inventory reduction and increased customer confidence.

    Saft are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Total, who specialise in advanced technology battery solutions for a variety of industrial sectors.

    Presented by: Jonathan Ogg, Senior Solution Architect at sofco Limited

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    Total Supply Chain Summit

    23rd – 24th May 2002

    Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre, London Heathrow


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