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    The challenges of distribution are manyfold. Whether that is looking at your carbon emissions, route planning or team availability, distribution is at the heart of any supply chain. So, from a planning point of view, you need to ensure that once your stock leaves your depot or distribution centre, it is not going to come back.

    The first and most obvious reason for a ‘returning’ dispatch unit is incorrect stock. Whether that is an unfulfilled order which needs updating or an incorrect pick, the cost can impact the entire supply chain. Returned deliveries, reissuing of stock, and extra delivery components are all by-products of depot inaccuracy.

    Warehouse stock availability is another key area that can cause delivery issues. A lack of clarity on stock availability can lead to repeat deliveries to catch up with ‘On-Shelf Availability’.

    So, when we talk about distribution, the first point in any supply chain we need to get right is the start. The processes at the warehouse and distribution centre level are paramount to a successful and efficient delivery model. This includes ‘Origin Checks’ on incoming deliveries from abroad and ‘Pick Accuracy’ on selected lines.

    For any warehouse, this is a time-consuming and costly exercise. Using a third-party company such as Orridge Supply Chain Services (SCS), you can remove the paperwork headaches included in supplier discrepancies, and remove the need for vast numbers of team members used to count everything in.

    Orridge SCS tailor their services to your supply chain’s specific needs, with the goal of saving you time, money and unnecessary stress. Our independent position means that we can collaborate with suppliers or vendors in a uniquely neutral space, allowing peace of mind in all discrepancy adjustments.

    In situations where there is inaccuracy throughout a supply chain, Orridge can offer accuracy benchmarks all the way down to store level, giving you the peace of mind you need to solve any issues.

    If you want to get your distribution right, start at the top and work your way down. Orridge Supply Chain Services are here to help you resolve the nagging worries surrounding your distribution challenges.


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