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  • Up the revolution, says AXIT

    The digital revolution is making supply chains greener – That’s the finding of the IT experts at AXIT, a Siemens company.

    The ‘Green Paper’ published by the cloud specialist examines the effects of the digital revolution on logistical processes from various perspectives.

    The assessment is based on the control of supply chains using AX4. The cloud-based IT platform integrates all the relevant parties in a logistics network – manufacturers, suppliers, service partners, etc. – to ensure smooth, cross-enterprise collaboration and end-to-end visibility of goods in transit.

    “It’s possible to plan transports proactively and optimise the utilisation of capacities. This leads to fewer empty trucks running, which lowers CO2 emissions,” said Christian Wendt, Head of Marketing at AXIT. “Using a platform solution that connects all logistics partners also makes it much easier to integrate environmentally friendly modes of transport such as trains and barges.”

    The Green Paper from AXIT provides the insights into the latest key issues of green logistics in the digital age. The various sections focus on different options that users have for deploying AX4 in the digital supply chain. Whether it’s reducing traffic at logistics hubs, making better use of transport capacities, or using less paper in the processing of orders. “Green logistics is becoming the model of success in the digital world,” added Wendt.

    The AXIT Green Paper ‘Using the digital supply chain to achieve environmentally friendly, cost-efficient logistical processes’ can be downloaded for free at www.axit.de/en/green-paper.


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