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How to easily master logistical challenges in the food and chemical industry

Different kind of freight brings different kind of logistical challenges and aspects to be taken in consideration. But they all have one thing in common:  the need for reliability.

Logistics of fast-mover shipments such as fruit and vegetables require maximum punctuality and professionalism. The suppliers must also respond flexibly to the actions of businesses and sometimes transport “just” a few pallets rather than full truck loads. On top of this, the customer wants to be able to track his goods online at all times. Also, the chemical industry needs to reach its customers in the desired time and quality regarding a specific sensitivity to its special products. All in all, transport challenges to cope with in everyday business.

We talked to Germans Barri, fresh food specialist from Spain und German’s chemical products manufacturer MC-Bauchemie how they master their different challenges in transportation….

Challenge #1: High fluctuations in order volumes and order cycles

The biggest challenge for the business of fruit and vegetables provider Germans Barri is the variation of order volumes and cycles of its customers. Aside from exporting products to all European countries, Germans Barri moves a total of 150 million kilos of fresh goods every year. Exactly as customer want and need it. Their orders and routes are changing constantly resulting in the need for continuously new transport service providers. The search for transport partners took massive time. “Perhaps only 10-20 percent of the 2,000 emails sent out in search for transports were read. You are working against the clock with fresh goods and faced with high technical requirements for refrigerated shipments,” reports Natalia Echeverry, dispatcher at Germans Barri.

Challenge #2: Special goods need special transportation

Whereas highly flexible transports are necessary for fruits, the opposite is needed for MC-Bauchemie. The German company is expert in developing, manufacturing and suppling concrete admixtures and repair systems. “We organise and plan both part loads and full loads for projects and constructions sites – or when we restock our storage”, says the Logistics Manager Lars Laskowski. “In total a volume of 500 to 600 tonnes per day and around 120,000 tonnes per year.” The company mainly cooperates with fixed freight forwarding companies to move liquid and powder materials requiring special transports. Only for those orders that cannot be transported by the standard daily rhythm, MC-Bauchemie uses transport service providers in the spot-market.

The solution that makes (daily) dispatching easier

By using the Smart Logistics System of TIMOCOM, Germans Barri is able to gain planning security thanks to the extensive coverage and high reaction speed of other TIMOCOM users – often with a response from a suitable service provider within 10 minutes. “You can even carry out numerous searches simultaneously. The simple search for a service provider makes the daily dispatching so much easier”, reports Natalia Echeverry, dispatcher at Germans Barri.

Another important point is trust: “If we assign a transport service provider through TIMOCOM, we can be sure that the goods will arrive exactly where they should do. We could establish a network of trustworthy partners through the platform who we work with on a regular basis”, she added.

A prime example from the production industry and how the Smart Logistics System represent flexible solutions is shown by the German company MC-Bauchemie. The loading of the vehicles as well as the routes are planned by the in-house planning department.

For irregular transports, the planning and shipping department uses, among others, TIMOCOM’s transport platform. The shipping department had very good experiences from the start and, thereby, has been achieving significant savings: 30 seconds after he entered the load, the phone wouldn’t stop ringing, explains Laskowski.

The simplified, quicker and more secure transport offers through the Smart Logistics System enable Germans Barri and MC-Baustoffe to focus more on other tasks, save money and valuable time. With various apps within one system, TIMOCOM provides the perfect solution for the needs in transportation described. It helps companies to react flexibly to new and established markets as well as customer requirements without overthrowing established processes within their business.

You can find more information on Germans Barri, MC-Bauchemie and TIMOCOM at: 




5 Minutes With… Gunnar Gburek, TIMOCOM

In the latest instalment of our supply chain executive interview series, we sat down with Gunnar Gburek, Company Spokesman & Head of Business Affairs at TIMOCOM, to talk about his company, industry issues and careers advice…

Tell us about your company, products and services. 

TIMOCOM runs a comprehensive system of applications for the logistics industry, that is, Europe’s first Smart Logistics System. In our system, customers have access to apps that provide smart, safe and simple solutions for their logistical processes. Within this system, we connect road hauliers, freight forwarders and manufacturing and trade companies in a neutral network encompassing more than 43,000 verified companies. 

What have been the biggest challenges and opportunities the Supply Chain industry has faced over the past 12 months?

There is still a big gap between the amount of digitalisation available in larger transport and logistics companies and smaller ones. Logistics giants have been working digitally for years, but small and mid-sized transport companies often have trouble affording complex software solutions. Among other helpful solutions, TIMOCOM enables them to enter the digital era and to keep up with market demands. By doing so, we follow our vision of a world without logistical challenges. 

What is the biggest priority for the Supply Chain industry in 2019?

Using resources best-suited to solving industry problems that have existed for years. Cross-company cooperation of partners and processes in logistics transport networks is necessary and digital tools can facilitate this, especially for smaller and mid-size companies.

What technology is going to have the biggest impact on the market this year? 

Artificial intelligence (AI), Robotics and blockchain technology are being discussed in the media constantly, but they cannot meet all the challenges. Data and information within the transport chain must be able to be exchanged smartly, safely and simply during each transport order. We must end media disruption and create sustainable networking. 

In 2022 we’ll all be talking about…?

The ongoing demand for automation of services and technical processes. This is what I see as the actual drive behind the talks on artificial intelligence, automation in delivery and blockchain technology. These can surely be important means to improve the supply chain. Faxes and PDF files sent by e-mail are, however, often used, meaning there are still important obstacles to overcome in order to achieve a digitalised infrastructure.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learnt about the Supply Chain sector?

The biggest surprise is that even now many believe that they can simply continue as before without digitalisation and with yesterday’s methods and tools like telephone, fax or e-mail. 

What’s the most exciting thing about your job?

I love to talk with different companies of all types and sizes about their needs, their questions and their strategies concerning the future of supply chains. And then work together with TIMOCOM to take this feedback into account and include them in our services and products/applications.

And what’s the most challenging?

As mentioned before, not to follow hypes and distant future promises is important but to change the mindset of the people What our customers need now and in the medium-term is to be able to solve their logistical challenges digitally. Because Logistics is changing, constantly, every day and we apt our system to meet those needs. For our customers, we serve as a reinforcement and improvement through digitalisation.  

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Perfectly fitting to my answer given above: Concentrate on the essentials and take one step at a time.


Find available vehicle capacity, available warehousing space and manage your logistics – via the Smart Logistics System.

TIMOCOM is the provider of the first pan-European Smart Logistics System (SLS). The SLS supports more than 127,000 TIMOCOM users with smart, safe and simple applications which help reach their logistics goals and offer the opportunity to expand their market shares.

The SLS integrates all services providing thus efficient logistics in the supply chain. Up to 750,000 national and international vehicle and freight offers published daily makes the freight exchange a vital part of the system. It is possible to publish available freight and loads on the spot market quickly and in addition, it is also possible to manage long-term transport orders.

A warehousing exchange with over 30,000 warehousing and logistics spaces from 44 Pan-European countries is also a part of the system.

Furthermore, SLS unites more than 230 telematics systems and enables real-time tracking of road goods transport.

Via the SLS TIMOCOM users have access to a logistics network of more than 40,000 verified companies throughout Europe. This makes it easy to find a suitable business partner within just a few clicks.

TIMOCOM was founded in 1997 in Germany and grew as a “freight exchange”. Today TIMOCOM offers multiple, innovative applications. Because security is one of TIMOCOM’s the highest priorities, access verification, personalised access, encrypted data transfers and German data protection regulations are standard conditions in the system.

More than 490 employees from 34 countries are a part of TIMOCOM’s internationality and speak the languages of the customers. The company headquarter is situated in Germany with representative offices in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

The access to the digital world of logistics is simple, safe and affordable with TIMOCOM. Also, your own logistics software can be easily connected to the system via a standard interface.

Get to know the Smart Logistics System with a non-binding trial period of up to

4 weeks – free of charge!

https://www.timocom.co.uk/freight-exchangesinfo@timocom.com – Tel. +49 211 88 26 22 00

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: TimoCom – Europe’s largest transport platform

Find available vehicle capacity, available warehousing space and manage your logistics – on Europe’s largest transport platform.

TimoCom operates Europe’s largest transport platform. Up to 750,000 national and international vehicle and freight offers are published daily on the platform and the warehousing exchange offers over 30,000 warehousing and logistics spaces from 44 Pan-European countries.

Tender, find available vehicle capacity, handle orders with a complete digital process digitally: TimoCom combines all services and solutions necessary for efficient logistics in a supply chain. The platform enables fast publishing of freight offers on the spot market as well as managing long-term transport orders. It is not just the largest transport platform, it is also the most secure. Verification before access, personalised login, encrypted data transfer: comprehensive security standards and the strict German data protection regulations are standard procedure.

Get access to a logistics network of more than 40,000 verified, pan-Europe companies and find a suitable haulier or available warehousing space with just a click.

TimoCom also provides a tracking solution which integrates all stand telematics systems in just one map. This way the users of this tool get regular info about the location of the lorry transporting their goods and have the advantage of increased reliability in planning for e.g. just-in-time manufacturing.

More than 460 employees from 34 countries are a part of TimoCom‘s internationality and speak the languages of the customers. The company headquarter is situated in Germany with representative offices in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

The access to the digital world of logistics is simple, safe and affordable.

Get to know TimoCom with a trail period of up to 4 weeks free of charge!