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Kaya Axelsson, Net Zero Policy Engagement Fellow at University of Oxford

“Engaging for Net Zero – Tips for Activating your Supply Chain”

This presentation will cover the global science and policy pathways for achieving net zero as well as strategic interventions and social tips for engaging supply chains on the net zero journey.

  • Net zero as a global target, a brief overview of the science and the Paris Agreement
  • Examples of leadership practices in corporate net zero strategies
  • Engagement tips for activating your supply chain
  • Practical tools and resources for pledging net zero and setting out a net zero strategy
  • What happens if we fail to meet this target
  • Collective crowdsourcing of supply chain engagement and support solutions

Jon Brewin, Business Development Manager at AutoStore System Ltd

“Doing More With Less”

What factors makes automation successful in modern intralogistics and automated warehousing?

  • Industry trends and challenges
  • How to automate successfully
  • Example Solutions

Jonathan Ogg, Senior Solution Architect at sofco Limited

“Advanced Planning – Driving real business benefits”

Moving from a manual planning solution to an advanced planning solution provides both tangible and intangible benefits in terms of WIP and Inventory reduction and increased customer confidence.

Saft are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Total, who specialise in advanced technology battery solutions for a variety of industrial sectors.

  • Implemented on two manufacturing sites, advanced supply planning provides an accurate and feasible manufacturing plan for all their processes allowing rapid change and consistency in their ability to accurately promise and manage due date performance.
  • The system handles over 29,000 active products, 187,000 Bills of Material Items and 138 separate manufacturing processes.
  • WIP, Inventory and Order Position is updated daily allowing the planners to plan with up to date data and react to changes in supply and demand quickly with an accurate operational plan
  • Strategic planning is made possible with a three year horizon considering known and forecasted demand and detailed planning allowing for the identification and implementation of objective investment opportunities where they are needed.

Lauren Wright, EMEA Sales Manager and Joseph Story, Account Director at Peak AI

“(Relative) Certainty in (Massively) Uncertain Times”

Our session will be an interactive and engaging session about the trials and tribulations of being a modem day supply chain professional. Your business and your customers are asking you to do more with less and to do it faster … but they also want you to predict the unpredictable whilst creating a bulletproof supply chain. Is data the answer? Is AI the answer … or is it all about people and optimal decision making?

We aim to be informative and provocative, but we can also offer you a little therapy too.

  • Supply chain management has always been tough … but it’s getting tougher
  • The pandemic has taught us that agility and resilience are highly desirable traits … but what is the cost of achieving them?
  • Is there such a thing as cost effective resilience? Can it be achieved?
  • What role does forecasting play and what role does decision making play?
  • We’re all told that ‘data is the new oil’ … is data the answer?
  • If data is the answer … where do people come into this equation?
  • What have we observed … and what would we recommend 

Russell Holmes, Business Development Manager at AutoStore System Ltd

“Redefining The Retail Experience”

Explore Industry Trends, Customer Demands and Retail Automation Success for the Store of the Future.

  • Industry Trends
  • Successful Automation
  • Consumer Demand
  • Store of the Future
  • AutoStore

Christian Hatton, Sales Director at Peak AI

“Innovation in the face of adversity – how AI can help optimise your supply today (and tomorrow)”

2021 has left Supply Chain Leaders seemingly faced with a choice – firefighting in the face of global volatility, or investing in innovation and future success. AI holds the key to both optimizing supply chains in the short terms and laying the foundations for AI-driven supply chain decisions in the future we will discuss how our customers are using AI to their advantage by creating a competitive edge as well as achieving their business objectives.

  • How Agile is your supply chain… actually
  • Your data is good enough and you don’t have to replace your existing technology
  • You can get value from your data quicker than you think
  • True visibility in the end to end supply chain… your secret weapon?
  • Real life customer stories in Supply Chain

Alex Hersham – Founder & CEO at Zencargo

“Navigating Change in 2021 and Beyond’”

2021 has presented unparalleled challenges for supply chain. The ability to respond to change is now non-negotiable. Here’s the future change we anticipate – and what you can do about it.

  • What changes we at Zencargo anticipate over the next 6 months
  • What responding to change looks like within supply chain, and the ingredients you need to achieve supply chain agility
  • How Zencargo customers have successfully responded to and navigated change over the past year – and what we can learn from them


“International Trade Transition – 100-day countdown to post-Brexit business” – Presented by: Lucy Sutcliffe, National Customs Duty Director at Baldwins Accountants

Supply chains 2021: What could change and how to prepare” – Presented by: Alex Veitch, Head of Multimodal Policy at Freight Transport Association (FTA)