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Logistics Reply’s quick-to-adopt Supply Chain software offers Business Continuity & Scalability to Food / Retail / 3PL / Manufacturing / Automotive sectors

In a world of Lockdown/Social Distancing; of Restrictions on Movement Of Goods; and the sudden rise of ‘Do or Die’ eCommerce as a survival tool – Italian technology firm Logistics Reply (part of the Reply Group) is a refreshing change.

Its award-winning Supply Chain Fulfilment software is sought out by the likes of M&S, Costco, Eddie Stobart, Ocado – and has been at the forefront of developing revolutionary agile/micro-serviced software to solve the problem of Inbound Product/Transport Visibility, ASN/SSCC Supplier Collaboration Tools and eCommerce Customer Fulfilment (whether Ship-From-Store, Dark Store or Dropship / ‘Supplier Direct Fulfilment’).

Logistics Reply has spent the Pandemic providing quick-to-adopt / instantly useable software to its home sectors of Food / Retail / 3PLs / Manufacturing / Automotive – and its software has kept the Nation’s supply chains up and running by allowing the use of Temporary/Agile despatch locations to enable business continuity and scalability (Temporary DCs, Pop-up Despatch Stores, Urban Fulfilment Hubs).

The company’s ultra-agile software platform LEA (’Logistics Execution Architecture’) is composed of a catalogue of ready-to-use business services which can be quickly combined as microserviced building blocks to quickly develop / realise new solutions for flexible business needs. 

This modular ‘business services’ approach allows Logistics Reply’s development teams to swiftly deploy and modify individual services and create new software applications at an unprecedented rate – offering a flexible, interconnected platform for all activities along the supply chain:


• “Scan & Despatch” – Instant Supplier/3PL/Retailer Compliance for ASNs/SSCCs

• Yard Management

• Dock/Bay Appointment Scheduling

• Warehouse Management System

• Parcel Warehouse / Urban Fulfilment Hub

• Electronic POD / Last-Mile Execution

• Dropship / ‘Supplier Direct Fulfilment’

• Dark-Store / In-Store Picking

• In-Store Retail Product Tracking (RFID)

• Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility Radar

• ‘Create Your Own Software Solution’

Logistics Reply’s website is – for further information please contact Pat Barlow on or 020 7730 6000.