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SLG Brands: Enabling better supply chain visibility

By Zencargo

SLG Brands is a design-driven beauty company, whose products are found in the UK’s biggest high street retailers. Key to their brand is ensuring availability for in-demand items. Working with Zencargo, SLG were able to take control of origin operations to manage costs and drive revenue.


Working with disconnected systems, SLG were unable to get the visibility they needed on inbound SKUs. This left their supply chain team rushing reactively to organise shipments as they became ready, resulting in inefficient container fill and high workloads.


SLG moved all their purchase orders and suppliers onto Zencargo’s cloud-based platform, creating transparency and accountability across the supply chain. Zencargo’s operations team also worked with SLG to manage purchase orders from placing them with manufacturers all the way to arrival at their customers’ DCs.


With advanced visibility, SLG were able to plan orders and loads strategically, improving container fill percentages and enabling them to secure capacity in advance. They were also able to provide their retailer customers with more reliable delivery schedules and communicate any changes long in advance.

Learn how our advanced supply chain platform can help you drive more value for your business.

WEBINAR REWIND: Managing cost volatility with forecasting – a practical roadmap with SLG Brands

Don’t worry if you missed last week’s essential webinar from Zencargo – You can now re-watch the entire session online!

With global shipping costs inflated to unprecedented highs, getting a total view of the costs of your supply chain has never been more important for a business.

In this webinar, SLG Brands’ Devinder Chana (Director of Supply Chain) and Guy Melbourne (Head of Logistics) explain exactly how they have tackled their forecasting project, and how you can do the same.

Together with Zencargo’s Scott Irvine, Devinder and Guy cover:

  • Why SLG wanted to implement better PO management and cost forecasting
  • What you need to get started on your path to better cost visibility
  • The main stages in your forecasting roadmap
  • The advice they would give to other businesses that are expanding their forecasting ability

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